Welcome to Cam French!

8 people dancing in a village hall. They are in 2 lines facing each other, accompanined by a trumpet and a mandolin.

Cam-French meets every couple of months or so for French and other European music and dancing — full instructions for dancers and dots for musicians are provided. Our current venue is Grantchester Village Hall. The cost is £4 (waged) or £2 (unwaged) for both musicians and dancers, including soft drinks and biscuits.


Here are the dates for 2024. Our sessions are from 2-5pm unless specified otherwise.


Our events are currently held at Grantchester Village Hall

There's on-street parking near Grantchester Village Hall, but please don't block the access lane to the side of the hall. If you need a lift, please ask on the email list — there's probably someone who can help out. Hope to see you there!


Dancers of all levels are welcome, and no partner is necessary. Dance teaching will be provided if you need it, please don't be shy to ask if you'd like anything to be explained.We encourage people to change partners, and to experiment with dancing different roles.

Our dances come from central France, Brittany and elsewhere in Europe. This includes some dances done in couples, and some in long lines or groups of people.

We recommend wearing smooth-soled shoes, to make it easier to turn. Please don't wear stiletto heels to protect the hall floor and your ankles.


We welcome musicians of all levels, with any instruments. To access the tunes we play, you can download them as a PDF/ABC file or view them online.

Alison is in charge of the band, if you have any questions contact her.

Mailing list

If you want to receive email reminders about our events, sign up to our mailing list using the form below. If you have a question, you can email the organisers directly.

We're also listed in Webfeet, which is worth a look for other events.